Pfanner Whisky

Vorarlberg Single Malt Whisky

The first Vorarlberg single malt whisky is literally a means of enjoyment. True whisky friends, and increasingly also -friends, drink it at a temperature of 16 to 18 ° C.. Without ice, of course! Walter Pfanner's single malt is a harmonious end to a good meal and goes very well with cigars and lively conversation.

The history of the Pfanner house began more than 150 years ago with an inn and a small brewery. Soon after, brandies and fine liqueurs were also produced. Today, Pfanner is internationally known especially for its fair trade fruit juices and iced teas.

In 2005, the first single malt was produced. High-quality summer malt barley is the basis, for about 10,000 liters of whiskey, which are filled per year. Used sherry and sweet wine barrels, as well as regional mountain spring water ensure a full-bodied whiskey that delights with a multi-layered aroma and tangy taste.