Genuss am Gaumen, Götzis

Genuss am Gaumen

They are true epicureans: former Vorarlberg Wine Queen Alexandra Kreuz and her father Gerhard - an expert in whisky. Fully committed to good taste, they have made their passion their profession. To do this, they like to travel all over Austria, constantly on the lookout for new delicacies for their guests at the Vinothek & Greisslerei "Genuss am Gaumen" in Götzis.

The assortment is anything but ordinary. As far as the wines are concerned, Alexandra and Gerhard Kreutz can, for example, come up with rarities from smaller and rather unknown winemakers - and thus also offer special, Austrian grape varieties such as Furmint, Roter Veltliner or Sämling. "This is only possible thanks to our long-standing and friendly relationship with our winemakers and producers," says Alexandra. "It enables us to offer guests fine and exquisite delicacies time and time again."

Pleasure on the palate - that doesn't stop after wine and whisky. Therefore, the large delicatessen offer is only a logical consequence. The products of the selected Austrian and Italian companies range from chocolate to grappa and fine brandies to oil, pesto, antipasti and pasta. This wealth of delicacies calls for sound advice. A service that Alexandra and Gerhard are only too happy to offer - for example, during a whiskey tasting downstairs in the 400-year-old vaulted cellar.

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Das Krinnawible, eine eigene Whiskybier-Kreation, die aus über Torf geräuchertem Malz gebraut wird und in Eichenfässern im Koblacher Kummenberg nachreift.

Genuss am Gaumen, Götzis
Verkostung, Genuss am Gaumen, Götzis
Genuss am Gaumen, Götzis


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