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St. Arbogast water pavilion

Experience water

Water is life. You can find extensive proof of this in the Örfla Canyon. Follow the narrow trail behind St. Arbogast Church into the forest. Cross the bridge over the Emmebach stream and keep walking into the canyon. After you cross the smoothly eroded rocks, you will finally reach a raging waterfall. A stunning natural spectacle that demonstrates the sheer power of water right before our eyes!

You can experience the liquid element in a quieter but no less intense setting in the Wasserhaus St. Arbogast (St. Arbogast Water Pavilion). It is a place of reflection – “an experiential cube”, as the artist Fridolin Welte calls his object. The five by five metre large cube stands like a perforated monolith in the gentle meadow landscape. Inside the meditative concrete water pavilion, a rectangular pool and drinking fountain entice you to stop off and relax. You can experience the significance of water for all the life on our planet in a new way. The walls of the water pavilion resemble a membrane that acts like a skin that breathes, cools and protects at the same time. The excitement of this work of art lies in the reverse spatial perception: the outside acts like the inside and the inside the outside. Nature is as welcome in the pavilion as people are. Wind and weather as well as light and water are perceived here in many different ways.  Your eye can follow the play of light in the pool or perceive the world more intensively through one of the holes.

Kneipp water therapy coupled with fantastic views await you whilst paddling round the fitness circuit. The local Kneipp association is setting a new healthy mood here. Smaller activities and events also invite you to get active. Many sports enthusiasts, hikers and walkers appreciate the regenerative potential from exercising outdoors. So why not do a few laps in the cold water – it’s very refreshing!


Characteristics St. Arbogast water pavilion

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